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D’. Le Roi Soleil (Hanoi - Vietnam)

D’. Le Roi Soleil was built in a neoclassical style using a number of innovative construction solutions and cutting edge technologies. This perfect combination of architecture, intelligence and quality is never easy to achieve in a building. This is the reason why D’. Le Roi Soleil needs famous architects from around the world. Theoverall inspiration comes from industrial architect Alejo O’Brien, and talented architect Tomohiro Katsuki, feng shui expert Steve Wang, and interior decorators and executors Longhi, Bamaz, and Giusti Portos have all made great contributions to the design.

Why Invest in D’. Le Roi Soleil:

☆ Located on land with a spiritual, cultural and historical significance.

☆ Located in an area with many luxury hotels, large-scale buildings and villas.

☆ Separate service tower with outstanding utilities.

☆ Modern structure with five basements, two mega mall basements and three parking basements that fully meet the parking requirements of each apartment.

☆ Conveniently located and it easy to get to Noi Bai Airport and other northern cities.

☆ Green and harmonized space.

☆ Various apartment types with airy and ventilated rooms that receive natural sunlight and have a great view.

☆ Distinct interior design with an arched ladder-form lobby, which has not been seen in any building in Vietnam before.

☆ Five-star four-season swimming pools.

☆ Surrounding grounds have a total area of more than 4,000sqm.

Live And Enjoy To The Fullest At Each Moment

Soleil Center will be a trade and entertainment center adjoining the apartment complex with a total area of almost 10,000 sqm. There is nothing greater than the fact that you can easily satisfy any demand for any convenience. A block of eight floors will be used as a service block, built separately to serve the residents demands for shopping and leisure, and they will include a gym, a four-season swimming pool, a modern spa and sauna, a kindergarten, a health center, a community aid center and more. Floors 1 and 2 in each tower will be connected to each other to create a huge mega mall, and floors 3 to 8 will be used for utilities.

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